Greg Long Professional Surfer | Resume
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XXL Global Big Wave Awards
2004 Performer of the Year
2005 Biggest Paddle In
2007 Biggest Tow-In Wave
2008 Performer of the Year
2009 Ride of the Year
2013 Performer of the Year
2014 Ride of the Year
2003 Red Bull Big Wave Africa
2005 Mavericks
2009 Quiksilver Eddie Aikau
2013 Big Wave World Tour Champion
2015 Big Wave World Tour Champion
2011 SIMA Waterman Of the Year
2014 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Nominee
2015 #2 Men’s Journal 50 most adventurous Men
ESPN/ABC television series Big Wave Hellmen on World of X-Games
Supporting Role/stunt surfer 2012 Hollywood film Chasing Mavericks
Environmental Work
Sustainable Surf (Ambassador)
Surfrider Foundation (Ambassador)
Save the Waves (Ambassador)
Wildcoast (Ambassador)
Big Wave Risk Assessment Group (B.W.R.A.G.)