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(360) to Nowhere
Waterman of the Year

San Clemente-local and Waterman of the Year, Greg Long, is often referred to as “the best young big wave surfer on the planet.” (…)

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VICE Sports
“I Drowned”

Big Wave Surfer Greg Long on Death and Finding the Will to Come Back

X Games
Big Wave Hellmen: Return to Cortes Bank Trailer

Big wave surfer Greg Long returns to the place where a wave almost killed him.

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WSL Big Wave Awards
2014 Ride of the Year: XXL Big Wave Awards

Greg Long captured the $50,000 Billabong XXL Ride of the Year award and talks us through what that wave was like in Puerto Escondido, Mexico (…)

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WSL Big Wave Awards
2009 Ride of the Year: XXL Big Wave Awards

Greg Long of San Clemente, California, gets one of the greatest big wave paddle-in tubes of all time to win the Ride of the Year honors and $50.000.

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Clif Bar
Into the Mind of Greg Long

Travel deep into the mind of big wave surfer and CLIF Bar athlete Greg Long.

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Sports Illustrated
The Greatest Wave

Greg Long had spent more than 15 years of his life chasing big waves. Surfing giants was all about the rush, the adrenaline, the achievement. Finding bigger and better waves, pushing his personal limits. But surviving big waves? That was all about preparation..

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Surfing Magazine
Greg Long: Illumination

It is from the greatest challenges and the hardest times in our lives that we learn and grow the most.

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The Inertia
9 Ways to Have More Fun Surfing in a Crowd

It is true that today’s broad surfing community possesses variable – and sometimes questionable – understanding of surfing etiquette…

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 The Inertia
Reflections on the Eddie

…I needed to ride four outstanding waves in order to overtake Kelly Slate, who was in first place…

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Huffington Post
Greg Long Details How Mindfulness Influences His Life

Greg Long acknowledges his ability to follow his passion, and inspires others to do the same…

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The Guardian
Blood in the surf: how big-wave surfer Greg Long made peace with the ocean

Greg Long revels in the details of his endless winter…

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National Geographic
Adventurers of the Year: Greg Long

After nearly drowning, a big-wave surfer comes back to win his sport’s biggest title.

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Men’s Journal
The 50 Most Adventurous Men

Ask big-wave legend Greg Long what really gets him stoked and he’ll tell you that it’s not the adrenaline, not the green room, but rather redrawing the map of where people can surf.

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Outside Magazine
Swell Guy

It takes a particular kind of crazy to ride a 75-foot mountain of water—unless you’re Greg Long, a calm, well-adjusted dude who approaches surfing like he’s playing chess.

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