Bio - Greg Long
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Greg Long is by any standard the sport’s most celebrated big wave surfer—and by those same standards the most successful. In a career that now spans two decades Long, 32, has been awarded virtually every title in the big wave riding arena, including multiple XXL Global Big Wave Awards including Biggest Wave, Ride of the Year and Performer of the Year. He is the only surfer to win all three of the sport’s premier big wave competitions, including “The Eddie” at Waimea Bay, and was crowned 2013 Big Wave World Tour Champion. His list of accolades include the SIMA “Waterman of the Year Award”, a National Geographic “Adventurer of the Year” nomination and the runner-up placing on Men’s Journal magazine’s “50 Most Adventurous Men” ranking. In 2012 Long was featured in the Fox Pictures release “Chasing Mavericks” both performing surf stunts and as a story character, and had the starring role in the 2014 ESPN adventure series “Big Wave Hellmen”.

            Yet despite amassing a ‘Maverick’s size’ resume in danger waves, Greg Long hardly fits the stereotype of the extreme athlete (read; daredevil) who pushes himself closer and closer to edge in search of the ultimate video clip. An inveterate explorer, Long has circled the globe pursuing a much more personal form of self-expression, chasing storms to some of the most remote coastlines on earth, riding giant waves alone, or with a few close friends, far from the cameras and the limelight. Deeply thoughtful and well informed, Long has become one of the sport’s most articulate spokesman, lending his perspective and credibility to a number of ocean-oriented environmental groups, including The Surfrider Foundation, Save The Waves and Sustainable Surf. And, perhaps most significantly, he’s served as a volunteer/ambassador with organizations like Surfers Healing and the Best Day Foundation, both which offer unique “surf therapy” to autistic and ‘special needs’ youth; sharing his love of the ocean, and the spiritual alignment he finds in waves of any size.


            For Greg Long that love began 32 years ago in San Clemente, California, where he was literally raised on the beach by his father Steve, a professional lifeguard. Steve Long made sure to instill in young Greg not only a deep respect for the ocean and its power but a methodical, almost academic approach to understanding its constantly changing conditions—an understanding that would later epitomize Greg’s career as a professional big wave surfer. Like a lot of his peers Greg began competing at a very early age, and at a very high level: he led his San Clemente High school surf team to a number of state titles, and eventually won the 2001 National Scholastic Surfing Association’s Open Men’s Championship, amateur surfing’s top prize. But unlike previous title winners like Kelly Slater and Andy Irons, both who went on to dominate the world professional tour, Greg chose a different path. Having been introduced to big wave riding at Baja’s Isla Todos Santos at age 16, Greg discovered a world of excitement and sense of accomplishment that eclipsed anything he’d experienced during a 15-minute contest heat.

            “From that first big day at Todos my focus turned to riding big waves,” says Long. “I found that the bigger and heavier the wave, the greater the physical and mental challenge it is to ride. That’s what I wanted from surfing, to push myself and to explore my greatest capabilities both in and out of the water.”

            Over the next 14 years Greg did just that—and with a dedication exhibited by no other surfer before. This dedication can be measured not only by the incredible waves ridden in dozens of countries and various latitudes, but in the record books—he is perhaps the winningest surfer in the sport’s history. Greg has dominated the XXL Global Big Wave Awards, winning 2005’s ‘Biggest Paddle In’, 2007’s ‘Biggest Tow-in’, 2009 and 2014’s ‘Ride of the Year’, and the most coveted ‘Performer of the Year’ in 2004, 2008 and 2013—the titles separated by almost a decade. In the competitive realm Long has been no less successful, taking out the three most prestigious big wave contests, the Red Bull Big Wave Africa in 2003, the Mavericks Contest in 2005 and the 2009 Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau, held in massive conditions at Hawaii’s Waimea Bay.


But more than any of these awards or podium appearances it would be a wipeout that would define Greg Long’s commitment to this most dangerous aspect of the sport. In December, 2012, while surfing 100 miles offshore at a remote seamount known as Cortes Bank, Long was steamrolled by a five-story wall of water and held underwater for four consecutive waves. Despite years of intense physical and mental training, and a methodical approach that stressed safety and preparation, this wipeout was simply beyond anything he’d yet experienced: Greg fought hard but blacked out mere inches from the surface. Fortunately the same safety procedures he’d help innovate saw him be pulled from the water and resuscitated aboard ship, where he was stabilized and eventually airlifted by the Coast Guard to a mainland hospital. This near-death experience shook Long to his core: the ocean he loved had done its best to kill him. And yet only days after technically drowning Long returned to the ocean, competing at the Maverick’s contest in heavy conditions. He’d go on to win the 2013 Big Wave World Tour Championship and only six months later win the XXL ‘Ride of the Year’ for a giant lefthand barrel at Mexico’s Puerto Escondido.

That’s how much this relationship with the ocean means to Greg Long; this is what sort of surfer he is.

“At a young age I fell in love with big wave surfing and it holds true for me today. Being immersed in the ocean during its wildest states, learning to control my mind and overcome the feelings of fear, harnessing my personal energy and bringing it in sync with the rhythm of the swells, brings about a level of excitement and gratification that is unrivaled. I find myself living totally in the moment, acting solely on instinct, trusting entirely in my cumulative knowledge and ability. For me, life is one continual learning process, and the challenge and blessing is to grow physically, mentally and spiritually, while exploring my greatest potential as a human being. Big wave riding has been my arena to do exactly that.”


XXL Global Big Wave Awards
2004 Performer of the Year
2005 Biggest Paddle In
2007 Biggest Tow-In Wave
2008 Performer of the Year
2009 Ride of the Year
2013 Performer of the Year
2014 Ride of the Year

2003 Red Bull Big Wave Africa
2005 Mavericks
2009 Quiksilver Eddie Aikau
2013 Big Wave World Tour Champion

2011 SIMA Waterman Of the Year
2014 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Nominee
2015 #2 Men’s Journal 50 most adventurous Men

ESPN/ABC television series Big Wave Hellmen on World of X-Games
Supporting Role/stunt surfer 2012 Hollywood film Chasing Mavericks

Environmental Work
Sustainable Surf (Ambassador)
Surfrider Foundation (Ambassador)
Save the Waves (Ambassador)
I Am Water (Board of Directors & Ambassador)

Surfers Healing (Volunteer/Ambassador)
Best Day Foundation (Volunteer/Ambassador)